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With IT in Practice, you get the most comprehensive quantitative study and analysis of Denmark's digital status.

This year IT in Practice shed light on the impact of digitalisation in the Danish private sector companies and the digital readiness is visualised in a new framework: The Digital Readiness Index.

IT in Practice brings you insights into:

  • Strategic challenges
  • Digital strategy
  • CEO Agenda
  • Digital trends

Knowledge derives from CEOs and CIOs
IT in Practice is based on more than 200 replies from CEOs and CIOs among the 1,000 largest companies in Denmark.

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How to act on 5 strategic challenges

Engaging in dialogues and working closely with both public and private sector customers has brought our attention to 5 strategic challenges that many organisations seem to be facing. IT in Practice takes a closer look at these challenges. 

The 5 challenges focus on:

  • Business development: Working on tailored demand governance
  • Blockchain: Utilising the business opportunities at hand
  • Cybersecurity: Management must be highly involved
  • Sustainable Change: Digitalisation as an enabler
  • Agile projects: Aligning customer and supplier expectations

As part of describing the 5 strategic challenges, we also bring you actionable insights on how to overcome and even profit from the 5 likely scenarios.

New insights on digitalisation in Denmark

The strategic importance of digitalisation continues to grow in the private and public sectors. With IT in Practice and the unique Digital Readiness Index, you get the opportunity to benchmark your organisation against other companies in a wide range of digital action areas.

The index is developed by Ramboll Management Consulting, and it is based on the most comprehensive study of
digitalisation in Danish companies. In addition to the ability to benchmark your company, the index also enables you to identify digital strengths and weaknesses in your organisation.

From this years IT in Practice:

"Regardless of organisational level, it is paramount that a clear, shared and articulated vision of the digital future exists, in a form that is contextualised and concrete to each functional area in the organisation."

Additional public sector insights

IT in practice also comes in a Danish-language version. This version focuses on the public sector. When signing up for the private sector version on this page you will also be given a link to the public sector edition.

The survey and analysis that IT in Practice is based on has been carried out by Ramboll Management Consulting. Ramboll is responsible for the design of the questionnaires, the conduct of the study and the analysis and conclusions of the report.

24 years with the best digital insights

IT in practice is made in a collaboration between Ramboll Management Consulting, DANSK IT and a wide range of leaders from some of the largest public and private organisations in Denmark.

For the 24th consecutive year, the report measures the benefits and the challenges of implementing and using digitalisation in both private and public sector companies.

Gain new knowledge

IT in Practice brings you the most comprehensive status of digitalisation in Denmark.

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