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IT in Practice brings you the newest insights on how companies work with digitalisation.

You will also learn more about the predominant strategic challenges and digital agendas among CEOs and CIOs.

IT in Practice Includes:

  • Benchmark analysis of the digital readiness of businesses

  • New perspectives on strategic challenges

  • Recommendations on critical digital agendas

  • Analysis of utilisation of digital opportunities, also in the context of the corona situation

Knowledge derives from CEOs and CIOs

IT in Practice is based on 217 replies from CEOs and CIOs in the 1,000 largest companies in Denmark.


Unique insights from and to digital executives

IT in Practice presents a wide range of facts about how companies' work with digitalisation. Furthermore, we highlight some of those strategic challenges CEOs and CIOs face when working on the digital agendas.

One of those challenges is how to approach the evermore complex IT-projects

New insights on digitalisation in Denmark

The strategic importance of digitalisation continues to grow in the private and public sectors. With IT in Practice and the unique Digital Readiness Index, you get the opportunity to benchmark your organisation against other companies in a wide range of digital action areas.

The index is developed by Ramboll Management Consulting, and it is based on the most comprehensive study ofdigitalisation in Danish companies. In addition to the ability to benchmark your company, the index also enables you to identify digital strengths and weaknesses in your organisation.

A collaboration between Ramboll and Dansk IT

IT in Practice is a collaboration between Ramboll Management Consulting, Dansk IT, and CEOs and CIOs from a range of private companies and public authorities in Denmark.

25 years with valuable insights into digital Denmark

This year marks IT in Practice's 25th anniversary. 25 years of bringing insights on the benefits and challenges that companies and authorities in Denmark face when working on the different and everchanging digital agendas.

Ramboll Management Consulting works as trusted advisors to public and private sector organisations enabling strategic and business-oriented use of digitalisation.

Dansk IT works to connect, strengthen and develop IT-users and IT-professionals competencies within the field of
IT and Digitalisation.

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