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Why you should do an SDG assessment

In 2015, 193 countries adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all, companies need to play their part in the new sustainable development agenda. 

Fortunately, working with the SDGs holds many potential upsides to the private sector. These include e.g. exploring new business models, priorities to technology pipeline, access to capital, resilience to regulatory changes, talent attraction or brand enhancement. Just to name a few.

We encourage companies to take actions based on sound insights. An SDG assessment is a vital first step.
Ramboll's SDG tool is developed specifically for production companies.

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How to use the tool

At the heart of Ramboll's SDG tool is a questionnaire that will help you consider and evaluate business and society impacts related to the SDGs. Once completed, the tool will equip you with a custom-made report to explore your direct SDG support and areas of improvements as well as pinpointing needs for new knowledge-seeking. 

The tool promotes trans-disciplinary thinking and a deeper understanding of the SDGs and how they impact business. This allows you to reflect on your company's results and the potential unlocking of new, sustainable actions to drive long-lasting transformation. We suggest using the tool as a first step to allow for joint reflection and actions in your company.

Yes, we can help you

We are a globally leading consultancy delivering integrated solutions shaping today and tomorrow. In Ramboll, it is our mission to create sustainable societies and nearly 40% of our revenue stems from projects that in one way or the other help progress the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



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